Bookshare is an online library for individuals with print disabilities. It is an amazing concept and service that allows qualifying individuals access to works digitally despite the fact that they may be copyrighted. Not only is this service available it is free to qualifying individuals. Those are individuals that are students or organizations such as schools with disabilities. The service allows individuals to download works even bestsellers to be read using adaptive technologies.

We talk about giving all students an opportunity to learn and succeed but how can we expect that from every student if we don’t have the tools to give them the chance? We need to recognize that there are options like Bookshare out there and we need to utilize them!



3 thoughts on “Bookshare

  1. This is a great website to use, but I have the feeling some people in our class have not heard of it. My mother and one of my sisters are teachers, and they have not heard of this site. How do you think librarians can become aware of websites like this?

    1. i totally agree. I think it’s one of the best kept secret in education. I wish Bookshare would do some special promotion to the school community, but meanwhile we should at least Tweet about it to get the word out. Any other ideas?

  2. I think librarians become aware of sites like this by doing exactly what we do! I mean I realize that we are taking a class that is teaching us but we then blog and tweet and talk about it. I am a firm believer that word of mouth is one of the best and most efficient forms of advertisement!

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