where does on literacy end and another begin?

To be literate to me has transformed from simply meaning the ability to read and write and has transformed into a base word meaning the ability to perceive , understand and then communicate your understandings. Literate is no longer just for reading and writing but it could mean that. Words like computer, information, emotional, critical thinking, digital, math, etc….. can all be found before literate and all relate to that subject or thought.

Where does one literacy end and another begin?

Are these new forms of literacy so rigid that there is an ending and a beginning? To me I feel like they all simply overlap each other. To be highly literate in one are a person MUST have some form of literacy in another area. For example for a person to be information literate in today’s world they must have a basic form of digital literacy as well as the original form of literacy(reading and even writing.)

The author of the Essential Elements of Digital Literacies, Doug Belshaw, had views that made me stop and think and come to that conclusion. He stated in his Blog, with a quote by Potter,http://dougbelshaw.com/blog/2008/11/17/forms-of-literacy/#.T0q6Mfn5a9U,

Reading literacy, visual literacy and computer literacy are not synonyms for media literacy; instead, they are merely components.

All of the different literacies combined make whole new literacies.


2 thoughts on “where does on literacy end and another begin?

    1. If my collection is primarily print then I need to try to do some work to get more media opportunities available for my students. Student’s today need to be prepared and understand how to get, understand, and convey messages in many formats. So maybe an exercise I would do is take information from print sources but have student’s tweet or blog about the print information they found. Then the class would look at each others tweets, blogs, etc… and comment on them with a questions, statement, or suggestion of a resource. This will help show kids that all of the literacies can and should be interrelated.

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