Anyone can edit a Wiki : )…or do I mean : /

A wiki can be an excellent tool to allow for online collaboration of students. They allow for anyone to make posts, comments and edit whether it is simultaneous or one at a time. But for the same reasons a wiki can be great it can also be a disaster if not closely monitored. Students are able to make changes to other individual’s comments or they can simply delete them if they wanted. This can be a huge problem. It would be best for educators to set firm ground rules to ensure that what students do on the wiki will be monitored and there will be consequences. I think the three most important rules to include would absolutely be:

 1. Be as honest and accurate as possible,

2. Do not delete or edit peer posts,

3. Be kind and respectful.

While I think those are the three most important I will include two links that give several other rules that would be a good idea to follow. ,


One thought on “Anyone can edit a Wiki : )…or do I mean : /

  1. Victoria~

    I have to admit, I hadn’t thought about the editing feature of a Wiki causes problems but now that you point it out, I can see where students might take advantage of that in less than ideal ways. Setting up ground rules ahead of time is always a great idea-we all do better with clearly defined expectations and boundaries. Thanks for the links to additional rules and expectations to consider when using Wikis.

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