podcasting in the classroom

Book reviews are extremely popular and an excellent way to incorporate podcasting into an educational setting for school libraries or schools as a whole, but is that all they are good for?


Podcasting is so versatile and simplistic or complex that it is a shame not to use podcasting in a variety of ways. Below are some ways that I think podcasting can and should be used.

  • Not only are book reviews good but why not make them really exciting and have the librarian or students create book trailers for their students or peers. Make it as good as a commercial for a movie!
  • Have students make podcasts of their creative writing assignments, allow them to be dramatic in the readings and add sound effects or other background noises to make the reading interesting and exciting. Storytelling, poetry, etc…
  • PUBLISH PUBLISH PUBLISH!!! Publish student’s podcasts online giving them a sense of ownership and pride in their work.
  • Create a podcast to share library news or school news. Weekly or daily recordings could be made and incorporated in an rss feed.
  • Make podcasts of interviews with visiting authors or other guests of the school or community.
  • Students can begin creating audio blogs opposed to text based differentiating learner needs.
  • Have students create a school radio program incorporating all of the other ideas!!!

Have any other ideas?


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