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Thing 2: Photo Fun

In today’s world almost everyone has access to a camera and almost everyone can justifiably call themselves an amateur photographer. This is awesome! I was actually just listening to NPR a few days ago and there was a discussion on that very topic. He was a photo archivist and one might expect him to dislike digital photography but he in fact embraced it. His only fear was that most of those images will be lost years from now simply because those physical photographs no longer exist. He questioned the likelyhood of digital images stored on an SD card to make it into history.

I believe the answer to that is all of these awesome social media, and digital storage devices. I think most of these services make images more available. However, I guess the argument could be made what happens if our digital world eventually fails? But I don’t particularly see that happening in the near future.

Anyways, enough of that rant.

I loved the idea of making trading cards. I made a sample below (I love dogs by the way.)


How cool would it be to have students create trading cards for the characters of a novel they are reading!

All the different things that are available are amazing and its free! How can it be better than free!?

I love technology and I am so fortunate that every student in my building either has a tablet or a chromebook, how cool!


Thing 1: Blogging

Hello all!

I am Victoria Calarco and I am the Library Media Specialist at South Seneca MS/HS. I am fairly fresh out of school and looking forward to continuing on in my professional Development. As you can see from my previous posts a couple of years ago that this is not my first experience of learning technologies and sharing via a web blog.

I am comfortable with several blogging resources but I stumbled across a glitch I found very surprising this morning. The school that I work at is becoming extremely technology forward. Every middle school student has a Nexus Tablet, every high school student has a Chromebook and every student has a school google account. As a teacher in the building I also have a school provided tablet and Chromebook. I have been using for this Cool Tools Seminar, when I went to try out Blogger for this activity I discovered the school system has blocked it.

I think censorship may become a theme as we use technology more and more. To keep this issue at bay I think we need to as others have emphasized stress the importance of digital citizenship and cyber security. Students need to learn what is appropriate and safe not just necessarily be sheltered from it. (I am not trying to make the point that EVERYTHING should be unblocked, clearly some things should not be allowed at school!)