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Thing 21: Productivity Tools

While looking at my workplace one would probably assume I am not entirely organized. In a way that is true, I often find myself with things scattered about in seemingly arbitrary ways. While that is definitely the way things look to people it all has a sense of order that I understand. Within my piles I think I stay organized because I am a huge fan of todo lists. I use them for everything small tasks big tasks and everything inbetween.

I really enjoyed using workflowery. It was user friendly and intuitive. I can find it being helpful for me especially because I cannot misplace the list first of all. I also liked the features that allowed you to be as vague or as specific with layers needed. I have already created a list for things I must do prior to the start of the school year. One feature I wish that it had was the ability to share the list with others.

I did try out remember the milk, it did have that nice feature of being able to share. It also allows for importing with google calender which is nice but I found it clunky and difficult to manipulate. The definite benefit however to this tool opposed to just workflowery is that it can schedule alarms, alerts, and time/date information to your tasks.

The last tool I would like to mention is one tab. I suppose I can see this being useful to some, but for me I see it as just an extra step. Typically when I have multiple tabs open I am using most of those tabs at once. With One Tab it does condense all the tabs into a neat list but as you begin to use each site the tabs just come back. Perhaps with more use I could see more value in this tool but for now, for me I am not a big fan.


Thing 3: Online Communities & Personal Learning Networks

I am going to be honest here. I a millenial despise Twitter. I’ve had to use it in the past and just found it irritating. I think I prefer typically the more traditional forms of communication.

With that being said Twitter can obviously serve an important and useful role even in my life. One way that I use Twitter (really my sister does it currently) is by connecting with the kids that I coach. We created a Twitter Handle that we then told our athletes they must follow. This is how we relay messages to our team about practice times or other relevant team wide information. They are allowed to retweet our tweets but they are not allowed to tweet at us. To ensure they are unable to do so we use the privacy setting that allows for moderation. It is a highly effecient means of communication for our athletes and it helps us send messages out without the need to contact the team individually.

Just today I have created another Twitter Handle that I will be using to help communicate to my school community. It is focusing on an individual PBL project and it will update families as the year progresses. We can also use it to follow individuals who will also be working with us on our project.

Twitter has a place in my professional life in order to communicate but I do not think I could really get into it as a professional development tool or for personel use.

Thing 7: Podcasting and Screencasting

I am so fortunate that at my school all of the students either have a Nexus Tablet or a Chrome Book. What librarian wouldn’t jump for joy about that! Even better for me is I too get these things and I am loving using them and learning all of the really cool stuff we can do with them.

I have used ScreenCasting in the past and had a wonderful time with it. I had used Screencast-O-Matic and it was so easy. As I was working on this topic I was a bit disappointed that my Chrome Book was unable to use that service but then like a shining light came Screencastify. How Simple. It is just an Extension and it’s design is incredibly intuitive.

I know it is kind of long, I probably will trim it down some eventually but I have created a tutorial to show students how to access and checkout E-Books from Follet Shelf. I think I could have broken this down into a few different videos instead of one long video to help hold student interest but it’s good for now.

You can watch it on my library libguide under the read tab.


just click this link!

Thing 5: Digital Storytelling/Presentation Tools

This has been my favorite topic so far! I am actually quite familiar with many of these tools and services so I decided to really go for it and dive in with Moovly because I have yet to use this particular program.

Moovly is a webbased video program that depending on the length of video you are creating it is free!

I have to say my first experience with this service was frustrating…..probably because I am the kind of person to jump into things without a significant amount of background information. While it is frustrating it is definitely the best way for me to learn. That being said I truly enjoyed creating a video that will help inform students, staff, and guardians of the recent genrefication project done in their library. It took almost 5 hours to complete!

I loved how the timing manipulation was so easy and user friendly. There were many options to make each video unique, including the ability to add personal video segments, audio clips, and photos. Along with the ability to upload there is a plethora of images to choose directly from Moovly.

I can definitely see students using this for any class and for a multitude of projects. I personally liked it better than animoto, however, it would be very difficult to make the video as fluid as animoto videos.

Watch it here on the school library webpage!

SSMshs Library