Thing 5: Digital Storytelling/Presentation Tools

This has been my favorite topic so far! I am actually quite familiar with many of these tools and services so I decided to really go for it and dive in with Moovly because I have yet to use this particular program.

Moovly is a webbased video program that depending on the length of video you are creating it is free!

I have to say my first experience with this service was frustrating…..probably because I am the kind of person to jump into things without a significant amount of background information. While it is frustrating it is definitely the best way for me to learn. That being said I truly enjoyed creating a video that will help inform students, staff, and guardians of the recent genrefication project done in their library. It took almost 5 hours to complete!

I loved how the timing manipulation was so easy and user friendly. There were many options to make each video unique, including the ability to add personal video segments, audio clips, and photos. Along with the ability to upload there is a plethora of images to choose directly from Moovly.

I can definitely see students using this for any class and for a multitude of projects. I personally liked it better than animoto, however, it would be very difficult to make the video as fluid as animoto videos.

Watch it here on the school library webpage!

SSMshs Library


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