Thing 7: Podcasting and Screencasting

I am so fortunate that at my school all of the students either have a Nexus Tablet or a Chrome Book. What librarian wouldn’t jump for joy about that! Even better for me is I too get these things and I am loving using them and learning all of the really cool stuff we can do with them.

I have used ScreenCasting in the past and had a wonderful time with it. I had used Screencast-O-Matic and it was so easy. As I was working on this topic I was a bit disappointed that my Chrome Book was unable to use that service but then like a shining light came Screencastify. How Simple. It is just an Extension and it’s design is incredibly intuitive.

I know it is kind of long, I probably will trim it down some eventually but I have created a tutorial to show students how to access and checkout E-Books from Follet Shelf. I think I could have broken this down into a few different videos instead of one long video to help hold student interest but it’s good for now.

You can watch it on my library libguide under the read tab.


just click this link!


2 thoughts on “Thing 7: Podcasting and Screencasting

  1. Terrific! I’m really starting to think I need some sort of chromebook so I can test out more things on it. Hadn’t thought about screencastomatic and like tools not working on chromebooks. Great to have the Screencastify extension. And nice job on the video. Good idea to break it into shorter, focused chunks though.

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