Thing 3: Online Communities & Personal Learning Networks

I am going to be honest here. I a millenial despise Twitter. I’ve had to use it in the past and just found it irritating. I think I prefer typically the more traditional forms of communication.

With that being said Twitter can obviously serve an important and useful role even in my life. One way that I use Twitter (really my sister does it currently) is by connecting with the kids that I coach. We created a Twitter Handle that we then told our athletes they must follow. This is how we relay messages to our team about practice times or other relevant team wide information. They are allowed to retweet our tweets but they are not allowed to tweet at us. To ensure they are unable to do so we use the privacy setting that allows for moderation. It is a highly effecient means of communication for our athletes and it helps us send messages out without the need to contact the team individually.

Just today I have created another Twitter Handle that I will be using to help communicate to my school community. It is focusing on an individual PBL project and it will update families as the year progresses. We can also use it to follow individuals who will also be working with us on our project.

Twitter has a place in my professional life in order to communicate but I do not think I could really get into it as a professional development tool or for personel use.


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