Thing 21: Productivity Tools

While looking at my workplace one would probably assume I am not entirely organized. In a way that is true, I often find myself with things scattered about in seemingly arbitrary ways. While that is definitely the way things look to people it all has a sense of order that I understand. Within my piles I think I stay organized because I am a huge fan of todo lists. I use them for everything small tasks big tasks and everything inbetween.

I really enjoyed using workflowery. It was user friendly and intuitive. I can find it being helpful for me especially because I cannot misplace the list first of all. I also liked the features that allowed you to be as vague or as specific with layers needed. I have already created a list for things I must do prior to the start of the school year. One feature I wish that it had was the ability to share the list with others.

I did try out remember the milk, it did have that nice feature of being able to share. It also allows for importing with google calender which is nice but I found it clunky and difficult to manipulate. The definite benefit however to this tool opposed to just workflowery is that it can schedule alarms, alerts, and time/date information to your tasks.

The last tool I would like to mention is one tab. I suppose I can see this being useful to some, but for me I see it as just an extra step. Typically when I have multiple tabs open I am using most of those tabs at once. With One Tab it does condense all the tabs into a neat list but as you begin to use each site the tabs just come back. Perhaps with more use I could see more value in this tool but for now, for me I am not a big fan.


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